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Pharmaceutical Water System

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Product Name: Pharmaceutical Water System


Purified Water (PW) is sufficient for use as a diluent in the production of non-sterile products and for cleaning equipment. Pharmaceutical companies also use purified water as pretreatment in the preparation of Water for Injection (WFI) and pharmaceutical-grade pure steam production.

Some common uses for USP purified water generation systems include:

Making pill-form drugs: Purified water is used in the preparation of pill-form medications that are administered orally and absorbed in the human system.

Making drugs noninjectable drugs: Other non-parenteral drugs that use purified water during preparation include topical ointments, patches, suppositories and products administered through the ear, eye and nose.

Cleaning laboratory equipment: Purified water is the best solution for washing process equipment for non-parenteral product preparation and other product-contact containers. Purified water may also be used in the initial washing of components used in parenteral product manufacturing.

Pretreatment for water use: Biopharmaceutical companies also use purified water as pretreatment in systems in the preparation of WFI and pure steam production.

Typical Preparation Process:

1.The raw water ---The raw water pump ---Multi-media Filter---Activated Carbon Filter---Automatical softener device---Safe Filter---the first stage HP Pump---the first RO Device---The middle water tank---the second HP Pump---the second RO Device ---Pure Water Tank-- Water Pump---UV --Microporous Membrane Filter---the used water point (New Technology)

2.The raw water ---The Raw Water Pump--Mutli-media filter----Activated Carbon filter---Softener Device----Safe Filter----The first stage HP pump---the first stage RO---the middle water tank---the booster pump---EDI Device---Pure water tank ----Water pump ---UV ---UF Membrane filter---used water point.(The latest Technology)


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    Pharmaceutical Water System
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