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High temperature type Reverse Osmosis System +EDI

High temperature resistance type activated carbon , Reverse osmosis membrane ,EDI,Water Tank

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Product Name:High temperature type Reverse Osmosis System +EDI

There are a lot of various requirement for the the different product and customer's need . High temperature type water treatment equipment is not only used for pharmaceutical industry ,but also for high-end cosmetics.

produces purified water quality that meets or exceeds current pharmacopeia standards at a reduced capital cost, making it the perfect addition to any ro water plant.

Different between high temperature and normal temperature :

  1. The activated carbon need special for pasteurization;

  2. The high temperature RO Membrane (DOW ,HYDRANAUTICS );

  3. The high temperature EDI ( Inpure ,GE)

  4. All pipeline and valves are high temperature resistance type .

  5. There must be air compressed and industrial steam on-site (we can provide steam boiler and air compressed machine when there isn't these )


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